by Malci

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An album that turned into a mixtape.
Support your local hustlers

Cover art by Sofa


released August 28, 2017

All vocals written and performed by Malci
All beats written and performed by Malci
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Lee
Recorded @ VCR studios

Features: Mykele Deville, Layia Amoaku on SCARABS


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Malci Chicago, Illinois

Producer/MC Malci toes a fine line of contrast in all forms. At points, his music is thoughtful straight forward jazzy boom- bap raps, than a song later it mutates into something experimental, futuristic and chaotic. It's somewhere between Quasimoto & Shabazz Palaces, Guru (of Gangstarr) & Death Grips. ... more


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Track Name: myintrotoletyouknow
I know myself.
I know myself, it took 27 years to get here, I know my fears.
I know myself.

I stand out and these niggas say I'm weird
It's because I know myself

I don't fit into most pockets
I'm bout my bag, I'm a prophet
I rely on my brain and my blood and these drugs
I know myself

I look around and everyone has a question about the people around them
But do you know yourself?
Do you know yourself?
Who Is you?

I talk to my mirror daily.
I spent days in my head.
So when a fuck nigga asks me where I'm from...I'm like who is you?
Track Name: GOSPEL
Shorty said i made her late for Sunday service
I'm like okay my bad I got so lost up in the cervix
I don't even sin bad like that
unless it's good burger it's better than murder
lust is just even Mary did fuck like
hold up hold up hold up
what the fuck I look like
life is just one short ride
I got homies doing hella time
they would kill for some pussy
how ungrateful you lookin'
I'd rather go out on top, getting top
that Scully, that x-file
I think I'm doomed now, swear my name was Dumile

I stopped going to church!
I don't believe in the preacher!
Put it on all of my soul
Niggas is sinning but still good people, still good people

That's why I don't pray (x3)
I just do right best my might and hope I be ok, be ok
I don't pray (x4)

My mama still praying for me, homie
Probably half the reason I still see morning
Cause I barely think about the holy holy
I be busy pouring, I be planning touring
I be so obsessed whats in my bag
I be so obsessed whats in my lap
Still want a Jesus piece, but that's about the faith the least
I be so hungry, I just wanna eat
All my peers rob, steal, kill, deal, feel like they end is near
All my vices entices my soul and my life
I feel I'm addicted to avoiding the right
I don't pray to God now anymore
Rather live than bet it on a winning horse
They wanna end my live but I can't live it short
So I keep some liquor poured and a doobie torched, oh lord

I stopped going to church!
I don't believe in the preacher!
Put it on all of my soul
Niggas is sinning but still good people, still good people

That's why I don't pray (x3)
I just do right best my might and hope I be ok, be ok
I don't pray (x4)
Track Name: OPEN
Tell these new niggas I don't fumble slurs
I just spit shit, watch 'em get humbled
See my verbs is bird
That's 100 pure, one word give 'em Uma spurts
No pulp in my writtens, the fiction hasn't yet occured
I'm no magician just ya neighborhood Alchy
Malci the type to get your dark alley fefe on and cracking
Don't include me less it gets my pockets and stacking
You forgot what part of the map im backing
Goofy rappers talk and tough and get they fucking back bent
In my city, niggas makes plays- fuck that acting
I'm not one for violence, i'm not that peaceful neither
I walk a shakey line between Vicious and Spike Spiegel
My morality in constant flux
I went to college for an honest dollar
being around scholars wasn't pay enough
the fuck I look like-- Daedalus?
when trapping and rapping would pay just as much
Could trade that degree for some pills and a burning blunt..

Malci get 'em open open open open aye (x4)
Sometime life be getting kinda ill
remember on the younger days and hope it stay still
cross my heart and hope I stay trill
until they come and get me
it's 1990 till' (x2)

Shimmy shimmy yah
Shimmy yay shimmy nuh
Shit bring me back when I was 18
Still believed life beyond the hearse was a sure thing
I was bumpin' Carter 3 that shirt birthed me aye

Hoop all day hit the China spot,
eggs rolls by the row till they close the door on my little ass
hit the barber shop, get the fade, discuss the pays
now im lookin' a lil paid, minimum wage with my lil ass
dope boys didn't fuck with me
I was hooping too hard, they say boy you might be NBA
6'5 pull-up looking kinda hell mean, post game straight amphetamines
I'm Durant with that lean
Scholarship was in my pocket
Thotties on the court was the only thing that could stop me
Give the Penny cross, than I drive up in the paint
Went for the dunk, my knee cracked like a fucking plank

Sometime life be getting kinda ill
remember on the younger days and hope it stay still
cross my heart and hope I stay trill
until they come and get me
it's 1990 till' (x2)

25 lighters on my dresser, ain't no better
Shit bring me back to 21, I was tryna stunt
I got my first apartment, it was blunt after blunt
It was XXX month after month

Straight A's through all my classes with my smart ass
Thick girls all on my line like whats up
Liquor pouring every day, boy i made some vices
Never mind that shit, this is college send it up
Black boys dont go to school that often,
Maintain and crack them brews, Steve Austin
Hoe I'm a year from my bachelors, back for my masters,
finna stack my money to the rafters
Aye I graduated
Mama stood up clapping,
can't believe this happened, I came from bologna sandwiches
Got the liquor pouring, shorty blunt rolling
then I went to interviews and the shit start showing..

Ooooh shit.
You mean that degree wasn't shit?
I guess Kanye wasn't lying on the College Dropout huh...shit...

Throw it back!
Throw it back. (x8)
Depression's a hell of a bitch
I almost lost myself up in the bottle like a toy ship
Police and them prosecutors posted pretty petty
sticking niggas like some problemed shooters
Barely 3/5's, still kill a fifth and think about the shit I walk with, yea
Still that fire walk with me,
It's like my whole city Bob and im just tryna dodge his grip
It's funny how ya'll really live the opposite,
live the life of leisure, we just want some peace or....
....a blunt....or a 40...or some acres with a house and story.

(Here I go again)

Goofy niggas get left frigid
I rap it cause I did it
You just shaking it for some digits
Shoulder boulder heavy from them chips,
growing up mixed and never fitting into shit
half these niggas ain't artists,
there's lies in ya speech
there's bullshit in ya teeth!
I make all the greats feel dead,
shoutout Jerr Garcia, I got some tie-dye in my t-shirt
Tell shorty holla back
I'm in my bag, boy I feel like the fucking map
I ain't died just yet, I dreamt I saw David Foster Wallace and confessed
I never read Infinite Jest
I never read Infinite Jest (x2)
I don't know what comes after death,
I don't know what comes after death,
Maybe just rest
I'm the type to spend the whole day with myself
I don't talk much cause friends turn to foes when you're yourself
I feel like Agent Cooper or Colin Kaepernick,
Fighting back attacks from something deeper than what's in paper backs
ancient evil like fear, greed, lusting for the money tree
America got me thinking it's sweeter over seas
My mama raised me European
rappers copping foreigns but they never seen the ocean
it makes me see how different that i'm thinking
I try to carpe all the diem
dap my niggas when I seen 'em
cause these streets turn to old westerns when it's summer in the PM
Apartments turn to mausoleums
mothers turn they kids' rooms to arboretums
it be hard for me to see 'em
I just hold my head like the thinking man
Crack the 40 than it's gone, I'm the magic man
(I'm the magic man aye)

I remember playing Sonic as a youth, I used the Sega like a vacation
I was a part of the Daydream Nation
now I part drinks all out on the pavement,
I hope they finally taste it, I hope they finally taste it
They acting like these gun strokes is just a mass attack
like some blacks can't inhabit a habitat
imagine that--
with no grocery stores and damn near all the schools is closed
liquor pouring more than water just to keep your brain at home
police act like they do right
treat weed like some pure white
ruin a life and read some rights
than go home and pack a bowl and smoke it right.
Track Name: SCARABS (feat. Mykele Deville)
Can I live?
Nappy curls on my head make me a prisoner-elect
No liberty just death
Can I live?
I mean damn, I just went to the store
Security hounding me like a bitch
It's time to go
Can I live?
Can't even walk out the crib without a old white bitch
Staring at everything I did
Can I live?
She steady switchin' them streets
might call the police
get me killed up in the street!
Can I live?
hell yeah we smokin' on some swishas
rollin' deep as a militias
got America shaking like where's the richter
got a perfect lil picture of the black man
shaking and lackin', 2/5's away from a mister
lil bitch, we exposed it-- scars on our back still fresh
so we owned it
influenced everything in and out of rap
they used to hang us by our necks
now what we hanging by our necks you couldn't afford it

Started out with nothing
boy I popped up with something
now im lookin' like a motherfucking scarab, nigga

Wait till i'm stunting,
Got the whole crew juggin'
Coup same colors as a fucking scarab, nigga

Took a sip now im feelin' fly as a scarab, nigga
feeling fly as a scarab
Took a hit now im feelin' fly as a scarab, nigga
feeling fly as a scarab
Track Name: VICES
do right best my might but at night my vice is my cell phone
blue light at my side, it's alright it's just on my cell phone
greed, money, violence, drugs it's all just in a bell tone
greed, money, violence, drugs it's all just in a bell
ain't no sin in the tone, I got a ugly past
that I tried to pass, but that ghost is in the town
that shit won't leave me alone
My plug on my line, my tinder on swole
I got malice in my DM's, all my vices in full

For my people with some sin up in they soul
I know we ain't lasting long, that's why I drink a lil more
I got liquor on my shirt and dead homies on my soul
I just do right today cause tomorrow you never know

At my worst, I'm jumping in that fucking swimming pool
until I drool
Got me thinking about the damages, I hope my innards sue
bet it's true
thats that mick up in my blood, my favorite drug is suds
it's why i battle all my brews, all my brews
henny too, whiskey whisk my wisdom
I feel my head crack wide, feel like Zeus
what it do, been like this since 22
Liver praying that I hate Drake and I just change my views, change my views

Track Name: WEIRDO
I just be living my best life
Eyeing new whips like it's Fet-Life
Tweak niggas all on my line, got me moving
juking like it's Tek-life
Don't you run up on me
Don't you run up on me
unless you got licks in abundancy
I keep my circle so close that I swear that it's under me
I keep my niggas so close that I swear that that's blood to me
Look at me
don't fuck with me
I just be floating like Gundam Wing
I don't pressure to follow ya mumbling
I ain't with the kool-aid niggas be guzzling
Look at me
don't fuck with me
See me at a show with some gin in my throat
and my brain on the dough, don't approach me bro
I got that hella hand, Goro flow fo' sho

I'm a weirdo?
Than why's your girl all on my line like eel to a reel tho
oh forreal tho?
I'm weirdo? (x2)
I'm a weirdo?
Than how I got a sold out show no major deal tho?
I'm a weirdo?
forreal tho? (x2)

I stay dusty in the record store digging through a crate for forever
you hungry off that ramen diet cause you spent ya whole check on leather
See we ain't the same, might look the part, but you ain't congruent lil hoe
lil hoe, see me and bebop the same
rhythm different but the shit still hittin' like tang lil hoe
thats funny that funny a nigga eddie murphy raw
thats why shorty opened her heart and her jaw
thats funny thats funny, a nigga richard pryor kinda fye
that's why she spreading them thighs
yeah thats real thats real
we stayed up late watching anime
I ate the cake like she was anna mae
I shared la soul, she said everyday's a saturday
it ain't you to blame, naw.
my daddy was damn near NBA
now im used to runnin' all the plays
I'm supposed to ball its in my DNA

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