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by Malci

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Papaya! 01:33
Malci voted most likely to be more Huey B. than Riley I want my flowers while they're still lively High key im probably higher than I ought to be Painting like I'm in Okami Amaterasu round the snafu Life is a raffle of past dues and bad food The best came from necessity the worst came from the least hassle asshole my speech an emblem for fire like im Laslow Grin like I got it from Glasgow Despondent when I heard that last flow Bragging how you got a dollar like a lil rascal All that banal shit really supersedes in your input I'm on canal street rapping tical with a flask of gin tucked like a good jazz musician would Albert Ayler in the market where Pitbull is overstood An anarchist for the greater good drilling holes in the arc before the flood
Stan Getz 02:00
Los Angeles gon play at my funeral Life is beautiful, loud pack in my cuticles There goes Swazi's son Tall oddly tongued Grip the mic like Brolly did Goku's son Surprise niggas like a Ben Simmons jumper Pussy rappers look at me like Brian Pumper Too pressed to eat breakfast but the cess makes me saunter My hair wild like an Art Ensemble of Chicago number Black origami dressed in loud Murakami colors Patterns as wild as JLin drums, Awol funds If you flex in front of a hungry nigga you gon leave with vacant lungs That gag can't be undone That gag can't be undone That hubris shit will really have you on one (remember tho) That gag can't be undone Ay that hubris shit really like a gun Snake niggas on the sidelines screaming outlet Mind games part of the play, shit comes with the outfit I don't want no vouchers ya'll tweaking heavy This shit a skillset im tryna get my bills met just off of breath like a nigga Stan Getz Tryna get my bills met offa breath like I'm Stan Getz
Money Store 01:17
(Woo) (skrt) You be chasing that bag you know that it never lasts life is a trip treat it like a lap death don't give a fuck if you know how to rap death don't give a fuck if you slanging crack death don't give a fuck how many prayers you stack ay ay ay honestly G it been gnawing on me My permanency been an anomaly I got family been owing apologies I got debts running all on top of me I got skeletons busting out they closets just to follow me Haunts my soul knowing I know niggas better than me whom the bell tolled Haunts me knowing that the Matrix has no code Why the holy left in cold Why the devil dressed in gold And an angel told me take me to the money store Take me the money store, take me to the money store (x2)
I'm an arrow of god when things fall apart Chinua Achebe, disgraced niggas put the culture on ebay Than act thuggish when gentrified out their spot Lightskinned but still scare white women after dark never concerned with metrics, I aint gonna fit on no chart cryptic hymnals, foggy windows make introverts yell "that part" I rhyme like Georgia O'Keefe makes art Play the SP blind like Ray Charles A lot of rappers got good fake snarls Blowing loud like im satchmo Dirtee stank like im Rascal I rap in all capitals Swear to god I wouldn't beef over capital but G they be really murdering for capital How you think imma feel if they get me? How you think Imma feel if they get me? How you think Imma feel if they get me? How you think imma feel when they get me? I owe it all women and Roscoe P. Coldchain rhymes The sorting hat told me Def Jux was in my bloodline I never walked I came out the womb running for mine A nigga never walked I came out the womb running for mine How you think imma feel if they get me? How you think Imma feel if they get me? How you think Imma feel if they get me? How you think imma feel when they get me?
On God 02:37
Told collections they gon' have to come collect me I ain't go in debt to play the games correctly I ain't eat her whole cobbler for her to forget me Tasting like mango, papaya and red bean I ain't came to flex, I came to impress me My shit sound like Moondog 'cept golly wog Jaw full of London fog 'cept with gin involved When I got the call that this is my job Out in Oregon, kombucha in my organs Rapping to a nigga in a state thats Porcelain Shit felt like some good gushy, left me snoring Niggas chasing labels when they could be touring Scary niggas local when they could be foreign I don't got no cohorts, produced by the score and retorts play on any court, C-string stuck playing horse Underground ain't the D-league its the discourse Age of Pitchfork, rappers looking like big storks Got the bag and the kids trading for our exports, Blogs clamoring for all of our petty sports Put the black pussy on the pedestal Still pay us under the table, cheat us out our medical Bitch I transcend it, niche smaller than a skittle MC's twinning like Phil and Lil That's on God! That's on Mama! That's on God! That's on Mama! (x2)
Homie I'm running fades Stress got me swinging on 'em like I'm UGK Your delusions ain't cool to me Niggas ain't desperados, we eat kale and smoke crucially Purse clutch count? yo infinity My thrift fit drip liquidity I beat three final fantasies I'm not the kind of rapper that your fetish needs I drink till I'm tender headed I stream all my games from Reddit Had to bury myself that was untrue I just never said it East Room heretic, introvert cause I gotta get up for work I don't got no plug for no percs I drink 40's cause they work (cause they work, cause they work) If you made it past twin-five lil nigga shit go berserk Count that shit, Take these bitch ass niggas all to church I drink 40's cause they work I drink 40''s cause they work Baby im ready like Levert I drink 40's cause they work (Cause they work, cause they work) Racism must be a white subsidy Grants for crossing the street White class make my walk uncomfortably Tax cuts when black people go hungry Media loves to make us so ugly
My lady and I high as shit, kill a spliff and make art in silence like Marina Abramovic I memorized the pro's prose like they was cheat codes bro I chose to learn the broke man's flow over the corporate lingo ho Ordinary losers sold they soul in the first quarter Then spend the rest of the game as a cursed hoarder I share no borders with these niggas taking orders blindly I'm Hawaii, so kawaii how turtles sprint to my jog and than claim we're both at my speed Doodlebob to Cy Twombly bitch Dont try to guard me This musty mullato was born in triple threat This anxious nigga has lost sleep over debts I bet you've never had to lend your mother rent Buncha sentinels fronting like they X-Men These poems are written for niggas that you they real voice I'm Sorry To Bother You I've got my mickeys hoist and my candor in wealth like a Rolls Royce, but that's besides the point
Shawty thicker than a stout tryna figure me out MVP for the mouth, VIP for the pout Firework, smoke result from the loud (ooo child) cake and spliffs make it hard to go like a crowd In her aquaponics, boy im finna plummet Ain't no fronting, I'm Luigi with the plumbing I think I'm Lickitung, eat it like some egg foo young Bumping DOOM jawns, shawty let me lickupon She said my love is king, I think I look like Sade Sweetest Taboo, play in her hair like some pomade Sweat through my durag, suck the soul right out me Onimusha beat the pussy up like a bounty You know I got vices, come in bundles like some pennies Tryna find a balance 'tween the cake and the henny You on all four that's my favorite like some Wendy's Think I'm bluffing? Pull my Gambit yeah I'm Remy (She think im bluffing pull that gambit yeah I'm Remy) I'm a freak, she a freak and we fleek too Be cool, used to long neck like Emu Lost at sea, squeaky springs, leaky things We could get some cut than re-do I'm a freak, she a freak and we fleek too Ate that gushy like it was free food Byzantine way to stay hella lean Byzantine way ay (x3)
Thirst 00:57
Life is not narrative driven The lack of sandbox construct is troubling for you scary niggas The last shadow in Plato's cave hole showed percocets and sex offenders I kept my eyes closed and "yes yes ya'll"ed forever Clever elocation purveyor, I flip verbs with a boujee behavior Always got some shit to say like a Okayplayer hater Rappers look goofy like Yoshimitsu minus the saber when trying on my flavor I oughta put a real on disclaimer these size 14's ruin dreams dwarf egos like Boykins, don't toy with him (don't toy with him bro) Paving my own lane like Albert Ayler, These bells and prophecies is my only paper I just quit my job, I ain't got no deal Whatchu gon do now? I ain't got damn Cleo Broken Social Scene, I forgot how to people I can't call it, I can't call it, I can't call it (x2) Whoa This is not This Is Heat, but it's close You do it for the clout, you looking like a hoe We charging hypebeasts hella extra at the door I do it from the soul, ay these beats go for payroll Vilian with the million dollar voice throw Red and Gold, Red and Gold, Red and Goooollldddd McDonald dollar menu all my post shows Life slow like Poyo poyo (ay) Rappers stress over promo (ay) Instagram be ensembles (ay) My real life like a lotto (ay)
I'm wet from deep like a Papaya be My whole apogee hard to get like an apology All cuck rappers need lobotomies Shutter Island- eye shuttering, slight shuffling whenever you rhyming G Need a car load of yard sticks just to get a grip on dichotomy Between me and the nigga that I thought I'd be A lot of MC's speak like they still got they baby teeth I traded mine for anxiety and stanky leaf No one told me I'd make it past 28 No one told me these Playstations would depreciate I'm in that delicate state accepting that fate always sets the record straight, hope the SP can mitigate I got a lot of dead friendships on my dinner plate You ghosted, you should've just past way (you should've just) The el is a memorial but it seconds as the CTA I saw you at your stop but we both looked the other way Can't save whats dead, that's that necromancer surgery You were from a past life You were from a past life Not sure why you pulled up to the show tonight I've seen you in the worst light like yeah you serving memory right yeah you serving memory right (let it die let it die) This aint no Legacy of Kain Why resurrect the same fucking thing? (do better, do better, just do better) (x4)
I think I hate the Internet Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Where a monster runs away with Power Shit is sad to me Instagram be halloween That's that internet (Internet) Distort all your photos so you wont match the mirror But the mirror will match your phone though (I swear, ay listen, I don't fuck with no Internet) I ain't seen nobody in weeks but I know your social security number through your tweets (fuck the, fuck the, fuck the internet) Agent Smith got to the watch tower There's enough porn to keep the sun powered Hot takes to make my brain fouler Snapchat makes my anxiety louder Illuminati got my mind soul and body When I die they gon 3-D print me a copy (That's that, That's that, That's that internet) Nazis group share google docs Bots fiddle with elector thoughts and later in the plot we find out Bezos was SkyNets pops all along Niggas get lean shipped to they mailbox and when a nigga rob you they'll venmo you the cost (That's that, thats that, that that internet) I put up fliers for the rap show but it wasn't on they damn phone so I had to make a facebook post Tetsuo the Ironman I feel like Tetsuo the Ironman This cellphone became my right hand I ain't seen my friends since before than (x4) (Internet Internet Internet Deepweb.org, where every nightmare you got is buyable on ebay shawty You feel me? Fuck up your whole life with a couple of texts Webcams and shit) I leave my read receipts on so you can know when I'm ignoring you IRL im a nomadic black anti-socialite asshole swipe left if im boring you reality ain't got no backlight glow I thought that you should know Her booty ain't gon look like Pinky's in natural lighting bro (and that's sad, that's a sad state of affairs)
Clean like a coffee from a chemex Not all black roads lead to pyrex and amex Usually on 290 late to some check reciting lines by 2Mex like who's next? my uzi weighs a whole T-Rex Dag, supersensitive I hold ya'll close like some relative Relationship hella irrelevant, running faucet with the sentiment You gang like we bending the same element I hold ya'll close in reverence like a Busta Lament Said our patchwork aint worth the paycheck Melanin infused brooders never get that famous We was laughing at ya'll niggas like the Justice Friends (ho) My self care comprised of white liquor and wide thighs Your shit sound spotty like some bad wi-fi Ain't nobody fucking with you niggas Don't fuck with me I might pop off Don't play with them they might pop off Fuck it, Trout Mask Replica Off (x2) My syndicate and I much more Sun-Ra than Rush Limbaugh Space feels less like a swan song than living in America long (x2) That's that one-two, that's the one-two the fuck you gonna do when they're coming home for you?
School with nothing pertinent to tell Other than the mitochondria is house of the cell School loans loling like some seagulls This nigga thought the degree made him people This nigga let the liquor turn him Smeagol This nigga trade his mind for some diesel Piss sippers juking to the corporate K-Swiss jawns the pylon for prawns who value Saint Laurent more than they do they own moms When chasing the bags gone wrong I idle for a fortnight...uh three years Gave credence to some deep fears Argot got too big, I had to repot and restock with new truths unlearn Angular roots through a Gil-Scott detox New profits for old Q's like they was Reeboks Humble like a Ewok now I speak not A mage never shows his shit I'm Vivi blasting Rhi-rhi in a hoopty whip Hella doubt my power even though I'm too equipped Self-doubt a long glitch in the poetic process Confused how these goombas grew to be so pompous Most of you niggas aint Bowser How's your life have so many hours? The Internet is the halloween store for cowards Demure on purpose I'm demure on purpose I'm humble on surface (x2)
Metal all on me like I'm Steiner Leave a nazi red like he's Reba Politicians don't give a fuck about black people Black lives matter less than PETA War on drugs when they smoking reefer but an epidemic when Timmy's popping beans huh? In Denver yoga comes with a blunt my nigga serving stuck serving 100 months I could give a fuck about Trump I could give a fuck about Trump Leave a MAGA hat nigga slumped Crumbled like a stale ass blunt I could give a fuck about 12 cause Tamir Rice was 12 I could give a fuck about sales My people hold a nigga down forreal I'm on they ass like I'm Slippy Malci look like a Rookie Soul old old like a hooptie Valor in my veins with acuity Ain't none of this shit new to me Whole fucking life feel like a truancy Born into this shit like Bukowski Born into this shit like Bukowski (Oddworld) Stuck into this (Oddworld) Born into this (Oddworld) Stuck here (Oddworld) (x3)
Anxiety Raps 02:08
Run it up! Niggas should've already been arranged for all of that sucker punch America eats it's kids than makes room for all of a second lunch The SP the enchiridion to that Litch's clutch Pray to Lord Quas my feet wont fail me now I ain't running ay but I'm limping a bunch Fitting into society like Biggavelli harmonies This is outsider R&B composed for people that's like Bartleby Lemon pepper with mild sauce can cure all your anxieties Hard mode is synonymous with living with all of your propriety Can't tell if your truth is really blinding or if it's dark from all the lying Either way it's hard to find much worth salvaging Whole system rigged, the monopoly turned counterfeit I was on the outer ridge stacking morphemes like they was some Tetris' I guess I should've stepped I guess I shouldn't have dreamt Now i'm Thanos searching for gems in the infinite This hippocampus one big ass pit hardcore cage match between me, my ego and my sense of it This is anxiety rappers (this is, this is anxiety raps) This is anxiety rappers (this is, this is anxiety raps) I can't trust shit I feel like Legion with the fucking full clip Life be lacking sense Niggas got took before they could repent We never fold, we fucking bent (x2)


All tracks written and produced by Malci
Recorded with Doug Malone at Jamdek Studios
Mastered by Seth Engel


released May 2, 2019




Malci Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois. Co-founder of the legendary Why? Records label

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